Winding down

 It's December 30th, and we have decided to extend our shows until the 5th of January. This is in large part due to the light contest that we have been entered in that ends the 5th. We have found that the contest is kind of a pain to vote in and not many people take the time to register… wait for the confirmation email… then go back and vote.  Thank you, though,  to the 28 that have voted… As it stands we are lagging by 3. There are two houses tied at 31 votes then us at 28 votes.

Although it is not my goal to win any contests, it would be nice at the same time to do what I love and win something for it. Since it is simply a popularity contest I don't get all worked up about it. The prize for me are all of the guestbook entries thanking us for putting this lights up, and the awe that people have when they watch for the first time. Having said that, I would do this anyway without any of that… it is a fun hobby and has taught me a lot about lights/electricity, soldering, LED vs Incandescent, etc that I would have never considered before.

I am starting to worry a little about where I am going to put everything once it is down. I have accumulated an extra Christmas Tree (inside), hundreds of new lights, a wire dog, and hundreds of feet of extension chords. I will probably  have to purchase another tub for the lights. I am hoping that the take-down is quicker that the setup was. For the closing night I have decided on a new song and have started the sequencing for it. The new song will be a fair-well for the year.