We’ve Moved

2012 Has come with a flood of changes! To summarize… Jessica is now staying home with the boys full time, I got a job at Build.com and to top it all off, we moved to Chico, CA.  All that said we will be having a 2012 show IN CHICO!

Hays Christmas has moved to Chico


The journey was long … not really. At the start of the year I had no idea that we would be moving back to the town that I went to college in. Both my wife and I went to Chico State (I was a Computer Information Systems major and she was a liberal arts+ teaching credential).


The whirl-wind of the past four months has all but stopped my "normal" life.For the first three months of the arrangement I was commuting to Chico daily for work while we found and went through escrow on a house. 


Now that we have moved and settled, life is returning to normalcy. I can start planning the light show! I've got the measurements and on my way.  


As I develop, I will begin to post more on my process and progress. I also plan on updating the site (cleaning up stuff/polishing/changing the address/etc).  Let The Fun Begin!!!!!!!