Up and Running

Hays Christmas 2010 Display After about 3hrs of soldering the FM transmitter is up and running crystal clear on 107.5FM (Thanks to my Mother-in-law for the "early" Birthday present!). I also spent a couple hours working through an LED strand that decided that half did not want to work. I finally replaced it with a spare and I will work on that one more when I get time (hahahahahhaha)

The plan now… I hope that I can record the show tonight and post it. some of my neighbors have decided that it is really convenient to park in front of my house, so it may come down to me asking them to move their cars… fun!

I am also pairing down the show to just 3 songs. I found that I don't really care for the way that the Peanut's Theme looked and I don't have the time at the moment to redo it (I never realized how irregular that music was until I started programming it …whew…). So we are down to Carol of the Bells/August Burns Red, Wizard in Winter/TSO, and Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)/TSO. 

I have scheduled the FM station to broadcast Christmas music from 6am-6pm using ZaraRadio. Then Vixen takes over at 6:01pm and starts the show. The LEDs light up at 4pm to have something on before the show. I have to say it looks really good that way, plus it is the cheapest ;-). 

Next on the task list is to program in some voice-overs to tell about this site and give information about the display.

Last but not least I have entered the local news paper's contest, found on their website. Currently there are two entrants and I am leading with 6 votes to 2! Yeah! 😀