The Show Must Go On!



I had it all planned out down to the day. I knew I would miss out on some of the setup time due to my baby girl being born and taking care of her (which I happily gave up). I was right on schedule when WHAM! the cold of death hit and knocked me out for five days! As I type this, I sound like a life long chain smoker hacking a lung. This make it impossible to do anything. Needless to say the show is late starting this year. Tonight is the first night that we have something running, one song.

This year we introduced 64 more channels than last year. 40 of those channels went into the new combination mega-tree and spiral mega-tree. I am thrilled that the tree turned out so well. It stands just over 15ft high plus the star that is on top. We also added 8 arches that have four independent sections so that they can “hop” as my two-year-old says! All-in-all it looks good, but only that. We plan to fine tune the lights in the coming weeks and to improve it to where it would have been Friday.