2013 Lit up Christmas Lights in Chico

The Christmas light show is now running and we are working on programming more songs to dance to the music. Please come and see our Christmas Lights in Chico! 825 Coit Tower Way, Chico, CA. Here are some shots of the house all lit up!


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Christmas Lights are 99% up in Chico!

Chico, Ca - Christmas lights We have all but a couple strands up, and a few that have gone out since we put them up.

2012 in Chico looks to be a very fun show featuring Trans SIberian Orchestra:Wish Lizst, Trans SIberian Orchestra:Nutrocker, Wizards In Winter, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, Palladio, & Carol Of The Bells… and maybe more if I can get them finished by early December. We are on schedule to start around 4:30 on November 23rd.

The shows are usually around 15 min long, then loop. Still working on finding a good FM frequency to broadcast from … all the good ones are taken in Chico.