Problems, fun and sore fingers

Hays Christmas 2010 Display Two FM Transmitters down, 4 split fingers, and over ten thousand lights later we are up and running! (Well kinda). All I can say for the FM transmitters is CHEAP. The next one I get will be higher quality so that when I touch it it doesn't short itself. So needless to say, we are not currently broadcasting on 107.5 FM. We are however playing the music through some speakers that I have mounted outside under the eves so that the music can be heard from the street. 
Evidently the cold and my hands do not mix well. I have four splitting fingers that I have to lotion and bandage every day to keep from bleeding they are cracked so bad. I usually get one maybe two that will do this all winter, but never four! All the pain aside, I had a great time setting it all up, which took about 5 days with the help of some friends and family. I found that the biggest issue was not the light setup but the re-programming that had to happen in the sequences to account for the sleigh and reindeer on the ground and not on the controllers that I thought they would be.