Welcome to the show! We are proud to bring the Chico area our display of Christmas lights. Come see us at 22848 SW Main St, Sherwood, OR
-  Our shows will start at 4:00pm and run continuously until 10:00pm, from Thanksgiving nigh through the first week of January.
Our Christmas light display is synchronized to music, broadcast over an FM transmitter to your car radio (93.3 FM). Sit in the comfort of your car and watch the lights dance to music!

2011 shopping list

WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?! 2010 is not over yet?!?!?!?!? To tell you the truth I have been thinking of next year's display since I started putting this year's up. The other thing, the lights and stuff are much cheaper right after Christmas than any other time of year!

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Retooning the Nativity

I thought that I would share this video, as it was really well put together and debunks some of the most common myths/traditions of Christmas. But in the end the only thing that matters is that God came as a man into this world. 

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Up and Running

Hays Christmas 2010 Display After about 3hrs of soldering the FM transmitter is up and running crystal clear on 107.5FM (Thanks to my Mother-in-law for the "early" Birthday present!). I also spent a couple hours working through an LED strand that decided that half did not want to work. I finally replaced it with a spare and I will work on that one more when I get time (hahahahahhaha)

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Problems, fun and sore fingers

Hays Christmas 2010 Display Two FM Transmitters down, 4 split fingers, and over ten thousand lights later we are up and running! (Well kinda). All I can say for the FM transmitters is CHEAP. The next one I get will be higher quality so that when I touch it it doesn't short itself. So needless to say, we are not currently broadcasting on 107.5 FM. We are however playing the music through some speakers that I have mounted outside under the eves so that the music can be heard from the street. 
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2010 Setup

It is almost that time… SETUP! The plan is to begin setting up on Sunday November 21st. We hope that the crew can come out and help out throughout the week to be up by the 26th. The first show will be at 6:00pm on the 26th.