Welcome to the show! We are proud to bring the Chico area our display of Christmas lights. Come see us at 22848 SW Main St, Sherwood, OR
-  Our shows will start at 4:00pm and run continuously until 10:00pm, from Thanksgiving nigh through the first week of January.
Our Christmas light display is synchronized to music, broadcast over an FM transmitter to your car radio (93.3 FM). Sit in the comfort of your car and watch the lights dance to music!

We’ve Moved

2012 Has come with a flood of changes! To summarize… Jessica is now staying home with the boys full time, I got a job at Build.com and to top it all off, we moved to Chico, CA.  All that said we will be having a 2012 show IN CHICO!

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2011 Christmas light show Yuba Sutter

With only 6 days ’till Christmas we are ramping up our show to include six songs and the infamous THX Robot intro.

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Christmas light show 2011 has begun!

Christmas Lights 2011

Our 2011 show has begun! Please come by if you are in the area to see the show. We've done a different set up this year and added a few new songs. The show will run from 5pm to 10pm daily. If you live in the area please stop by! If you see us out there working on the lights feel free to say hi!

Let the fun begin!

Christmas Lights Tangled

I had only planned on taking a short break from the fun that is Christmas lights, but that turned into 6 months! Where has the time gone? Now that I am behind the curve, I guess I better get it in gear and do something.

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Winding down

 It's December 30th, and we have decided to extend our shows until the 5th of January. This is in large part due to the appealdemocrat.com light contest that we have been entered in that ends the 5th. We have found that the contest is kind of a pain to vote in and not many people take the time to register… wait for the confirmation email… then go back and vote.  Thank you, though,  to the 28 that have voted… As it stands we are lagging by 3. There are two houses tied at 31 votes then us at 28 votes.

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Two more songs

 We have 2 additions to our program. First "What Child is this" by Sojourn and second Linus explains Christmas from the Charlie Brown Christmas. 



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Our First Award!

Feeling kinda crumby (have a sinus infection) I grumbled when  we got a knock on the door tonight thinking it was another person trying to sell us something that we didn't want or need. Now having very little voice my wife answered the door and to our surprise there was the Mote Family. Continue reading