Our House preview

After many hours of "noodling", this is the basic idea of what the house will look like this winter. Thanks to Chris and Leslie for spending an evening with us to hash out the details and help put things in their place. This is basically what we were dealing with:

Reign deer

4 attached to sleigh

1 sm up

3 lg head down

2 lg head up

4 sm down

1 36” snow man

10ct random sparkle snow flakes

10ct shimmering snow flakes

10ct Shimmering stars

3ct prismatic gift boxes

3ct stars

4 24 inch pre-lit LED trees

1 globe

1 color net

4 white net

12 packs 70ct Twinkle Icicle Lights LEED

4 60 bulb multi mini lights LED

1 60 ct red mini lights LED

 lots of regular Icicle lights