Videos of 2012 Christmas Lights in Chico

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2012 Tour of Lights

Thanks to a friend for the heads up! The 2012 Tour of Lights nominations are now being taken on the Chico Enterprise Record’s (ER) website. If you like the show that we put on and would like others to see it as well this is an easy way to spread the word. There are a couple homes in the Nob Hill area (West of California Park) that I plan to nominate that have their lights up already.

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Chico Christmas Light show 2012 Starts Tomorrow


We are almost there. One more day until we “light up the house”. Sunset is scheduled for 4:46 PM, but we will start at 4:30 PM to work out any last bugs. Come by and say hi if you can.

For those of you that know our show from last years, we have moved to Chico, Ca and will be having the show here for the foreseeable future.

With the addition of more lights this year we have topped 10,000 lights and maintain the 64 Channels of dancing lights. I hope that you enjoy the hours/days/months that we have put into bring this show to the Chico area… because we absolutely love doing it!

Christmas Lights are 99% up in Chico!

Chico, Ca - Christmas lights We have all but a couple strands up, and a few that have gone out since we put them up.

2012 in Chico looks to be a very fun show featuring Trans SIberian Orchestra:Wish Lizst, Trans SIberian Orchestra:Nutrocker, Wizards In Winter, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, Palladio, & Carol Of The Bells… and maybe more if I can get them finished by early December. We are on schedule to start around 4:30 on November 23rd.

The shows are usually around 15 min long, then loop. Still working on finding a good FM frequency to broadcast from … all the good ones are taken in Chico.

2012 Chico, CA here we come!

With Thanksgiving only 16 days away, we have started setting up! We kicked off November in style, by putting up Christmas lights on our new house. While setting up last year we decided that it would be good to get the lights up for testing well before the week of Thanksgiving. There is just way too much going on that week to be able to do anything else but be with family. So far we have about half of the lights up and only three controllers woking, but we are well on the way to being ready.

The plan is to start Friday Nov 23rd…

The Plan for 2012

I go to great lengths every year to make the christmas light display go as smoothly as possible. I typically start with a sketch of the house and place the lights where I would like them keeping in mind the elements that I want to use in the show. After that I can tell where I need to put the controllers.  Once I have all the controllers placed, I can then make sure that I have the electrical in place.

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First Look at 2012

As one of my planning steps I like to visualize the display. I just open the image of my house in Photoshop and apply a gray scale, then add the elements with the pencil tool or duplicate images and resize them to be some-what proportioned. This also helps for the adjustable preview in vixen. I have a better idea of where to put all those pixels that represent the lights in the show.  Here is the first view of what I am planning for the 2012 show. I just hope I remembered all the lights :-D.

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We’ve Moved

2012 Has come with a flood of changes! To summarize… Jessica is now staying home with the boys full time, I got a job at and to top it all off, we moved to Chico, CA.  All that said we will be having a 2012 show IN CHICO!

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