About the show

We have Christmas lights synchronized to music. We broadcast the music over 92.3 FM so that you can enjoy the show from your car by tuning in on your radio.

Some fun facts about the display. 

  • 8,551 Lights total
  •  800 ft of lights, 1/2 of which are LED
  • The show contains LED’s and incandescent light bulbs.
  • … feet of communication wire
  • … feet of electrical extension cords
  • All lights are computer controlled with a homemade control system.
  • Tune into the show on your radio at 107.5 FM
  • When all the lights are on the show is consuming 39.13 amps and 4695.9 watts
  • 5 weeks of the light show costs $31.60

About the people

Growing up I didn’t do much as far a decorating for Christmas, we had our Charlie Brown tree and the stockings on the mantle. My Grandma’s house was another story all together. Grandma always spent days decorating the house and had a train that went around the base of the tree, stockings for all the kids and adults, grandpa would run Christmas lights outside lighting the house up like … well a Christmas tree! When I met my wife in High School and spent Christmases with her and my in-laws, I saw how they decorated and kept gathering ideas.  Once I moved out of my parent’s home and into my own the mayhem began. The first couple of years it was simply the lights outside like grandpa did. Then when I saw Wizards in Winter I said “I’m doing that!”.
Our first house was a fixer-upper, so every spare minute was spent replacing this or that, building a garage, patio, etc. So I had no time to dedicate to this grand hobby. Now a few years down the road we sold that house and moved into an new one and I am finally able to devote the time and energy to my hobby. After researching my options and figuring out what I wanted, I decided to go the DIY method (cheaper and more fun).
The process has been fun; yes soldering and electrical is fun to me… Getting the hardware made, finding then sequencing the music, and testing! Needless to say I have been listening to Christmas music since July :-D. It took me over 12 hours to sequence one song that was about 3.5 min long, which is about average for most sequencing.
I am the owner of Next Step Computers, a commercial computer network support and Web design company. The interesting thing about our display is that the lights are all controlled via CAT5 cabling (ethernet). The cables are strung from the main controller (“the Grinch”) to Solid State Relays (SSRs).

About the Season

You always hear “Jesus is the reason for the season” around Christmas time. I always hear this and cringe. Now before you go yelling Heretic, let me explain. The reason I cringe is not because this is wrong, per say, but because it is only a half truth. While it is true that we now celebrate Christ’s birth in the month of December, Jesus was not born in December (to the best of our knowledge based on the fact that the herders were out with their animals, it was warm enough to travel for a census, etc) so this is not the reason that we celebrate in December.  For a quick reading on the history of Christmas look at the HistoryChannel.com. Suffice it to say that our current celebration of Christmas on (or around) December 25th was established as an alternative to the pagan festivals held at that time of the year.

Having said this, I see no problem with the celebration of Jesus’ birth in December.  I fervently believe that Jesus came to save us from our curse of death by dying for our sins. When we choose to celebrate these facts is irrelevant to the fact it happened and we remember! Thank you God!

please read this article and decide for yourself.