2011 shopping list

WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?! 2010 is not over yet?!?!?!?!? To tell you the truth I have been thinking of next year's display since I started putting this year's up. The other thing, the lights and stuff are much cheaper right after Christmas than any other time of year!

2011 Display want list (AKA after Christmas 2010 sale shopping list!)

  • 1 mega tree
    • extendable pole (like a TV antenna pole)
    • LED lights (Solid colors, even numbers) length dependent on pole
  • 1 nativity scene
  • White LEDs to replace regular strands (30-40ft)
  • Blue  LEDs to replace regular strands (30-40ft)
  • Twinkle LED Icicles replace regular strands (50-60ft)
  • LED scrolling sign
  • White LED s to replace regular strands around North Lawn
  • Red & White LEDs to "candy cane" the lawn
  • White LEDs to replace lights in Gift Boxes 
  • Lights for real tree
  • Roof lights
  • Arches for outlining yard
  • Fireworks, arches or poles with bursts at the top (how tall to be seen from the road)
  • Driveway arches?
  • Spiral Christmas trees, Like these
  • Lights to line the house
  • Red/green/white LEDs to line the lower eves


I will continue to update this as I think of the things that I want/need.

Edit: THIS IS NOT A BUY ME PLEASE LIST! This is for my ease of use.